Pro Solutions Agency offers a wide range of human resource services, including:

Selection and recruitment for permanent placement staffing

Pro Solutions Agency is a company dedicated to meet both customer and candidate needs, in order to create a perfect match.

Pro Solutions Agency’s team offer solutions and support to your business, with the aim to create long-term partnerships based on  integrity, dedication, professionalism and mutual trust. The Pro Solutions Agency’s  team is responsible for understanding your business in order to provide you the most suitable human resources solutions according to your development plan . We contribute to the successful integration of the selected candidate to his new role.

Temporary work / Recruitment and management of temporary staff

When  you should use staff leasing?


-          For the trial period of some employees and/or temporary replacement of others( period of maternity leave, medical care, recreation, education studies, etc. );

-          Employees that are on permanent contract can no longer cope with market requirements at a specific period of time( peak activity times);

-          The company is just establishing it’s legal entity or it does not have a legal entity in Romania;

What are the pros of staff leasing?


-          Quick access to preselected and qualified labor force, reducing costs and time allotted to finding the right people for the job;

-          Quick access to tax and labor code consultancy services;

-          Staff evidence and management, as well as assuring their documentation and administrative procedures;

-          Calculating wages and leaves (eg paid holidays, sabbaticals, maternity leaves etc), along with calculating monthly welfare services payments;

-          Permanent warranty for as long as the leasing contract carries out;

-          Firms can close down a position for which a staff leasing contract was instated, without suffering legal consequences for it;

-          Possibility of employing the staff selected by the leasing service at the end of the contract without having to pay additional costs.

Our offer for staff leasing includes:


-          Payment wage processing, bonuses, sick leaves, sabbaticals, etc.;

-          Data processing for the employees according with legal labor codes (keeping the database updated);

-          Ensuring all legal forms associated with welfare services are processed and paid;

-          Emitting, upon request, certificates for employees, preparing and processing the employee’s personal file for employment, as well as dealing with adjacent documents required by the work contract (eg: wage raises);

-          Ensuring all mandatory medical services required for employment are made, with no additional costs;

-          Distributing food vouchers and pay slips;

-          Recruiting personnel;

-          Single contact point;

-          Emmiting a single monthly bill, along with detailing all costs on a separate form.


On-site is a complete solution for managing and coordinating a large volume of temporary staff deployed atthe customer location
When the number of temporary employees placed at the disposal of a client exceeds 50, Pro Solutions agency’s is implementing the working solution 'in-plant'. A senior hr consultant is deployed at the customer location, being  responsible for various activities

     - conduct recruitment 
    -  liaising with temporary employees and client representatives 
    - real-time settlement of all issues related to the implementation of service 
    -  providing introductory briefingthe work safety briefingtraining courses directly to the user's location.

Payroll Outstaffing Services

Our consultants are practitioners with relevant experience in payroll processing, applying strictest conformity with legal regulations in force, as well as highest confidentiality standards.

Outsourcing your payroll to Pro Solutions Agency will get your staff paid accurately and on time every time. Our fully managed Payroll Outsourcing solution includes:

-Salary calculation

- Payment orders and electronic payment files delivery

- Salary contributions transfers to the state budget accounts

- Payroll sheets and forms preparation & registration

- Payroll summaries split on departments/cost centers

- Payroll tax reporting & remittance

- Customized reporting

- Pay slips

- Medical certificate completion

- Payroll accounting entries

- Handling employee payroll inquiries

- Salary certificates

- Annual salary tax summaries

- Annual fiscal statements

Employment Opportunities


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